picture of Andrew Jacobsson
My name is Andrew Jacobsson. I'm a recent computer science graduate from Boise State University, as of December 2022, seeking a software engineering position. I created this website as a space for my personal projects as well as to establish my own branding. I'm currently seeking work with a reputable company where I can bring my passion for programming every day.

I am ardent about software development, but particularly love front-end and game development. I enjoy mixing my creative talents and ideas with the logic of programming.

Interested in contacting me? Reach out to me through any of my social links below, I'd love to hear from you.

Development Experience

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • SSL Certification and Web App Deployment
  • WebGL and Canvas Game Development
  • Game Development in Unreal Engine with C++ and Blueprints
  • Web Testing Through Puppeteer
  • Chrome Web Workers

Language and API Experience

  • Javascript (Express, Angular, React Native, Puppeteer, NGINX, Jest)
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • SQL Server
  • Smalltalk, Scheme, Prolog, Go

IDE and Workflow Experience

  • Git, Github, Bitbucket, Jira
  • Scrum/Agile Workflow
  • VS Code, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Unreal Engine